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We are a technology company engaged in offering Smart lighting controls for energy efficiency in lighting.Weprovide future proof Smart Street Lighting control solutions with different communication technologies and IoT Platforms, while ensuring compatibility with different light manufactures.

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  • We are working towards become an expert in device monitoring and management.

Our Services

Samrt Street Lighting

Every evening, a street lighting control system has to light up at the right time and function seamlessly. A city’s street lights provide safer traffic conditions, safer pedestrian environment and can represent a great improvement to the city’s architectural, touristic and commercial output. These benefits are not exactly cheap though, with an average of 30%-40% of the public budgets’ energy bill being spent for street lighting alone. The increasing energy price, plus the significant maintenance costs and always increasing expectations manifested by the public put a continuous pressure on the lighting budgets.

To make sure that the Smart Street lighting system is flexible and adaptable to any customer and specific project conditions, we have adapted smart streetlight controllers to use several IoT communication technologies: LoRa, NB-IoT, GSM.

This Solution guarantees a continuous, seamless and autonomous street lighting operation. The system offers lamp-level management and feedback capabilities, reduces the overall light management effort and increases its performance. You can choose our pre-programmed schedules, plan a schedule of your own or manually manage every street lamp, according to your needs. Furthermore, if the communication fails for any reason, the Smart streetlight controllers are smart enough to continue operating the lamps autonomously, while trying to reestablish a live connection.

This solution offers detailed map view for all the street lighting fixtures and lighting panels, with full information and electrical diagnostics. The systems monitors a vast array of electrical parameters (voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, active energy, reactive energy, power factor, frequency etc.) and advanced analytic reports help understand the trends, reduce energy loss, improve lighting policies and increase street lighting overall satisfaction.

Energy costs are immediately reduced by up to 50% (with LED lamps) through intelligent ON/OFF switching, targeted progressive dimming and efficient energy management. Overall operational costs come down by up to 42% through detailed maintenance and preventive interventions based on system generated reports.By reducing the energy consumption and therefore the amount of released CO2, reduces the city’s environmental impact and also helps meeting the increasingly demanding environmental norms.

Smart Surveillance

Smart surveillance has become a critical technology that can be found in a wide range of applications, such as public, private, social or work environments. This has a wide range of application, within a security context, focuses on either a general problem such as public surveillance or for a specific purpose, such as detect to identification. Our Wireless (and wire-free) security camera systems send footage from cameras placed around through Wireless network. The transmission is completely wireless. Once the Wi-Fi/4G Mobile Network receives the signal, it is sent to a cloud server, where footage can be viewed in real-time or it is archived for later viewing. Some cameras have onboard micro SD cards which store a limited amount of footage. Standard features to expect in wireless and wire-free security camera systems include night vision, two-way audio, 2K HD video, and voice control through your choice. Wireless cameras’ video signals are sent wirelessly to the central hub. Wireless systems receive constant power from the lamp post and are capable of recording constantly. They can also be set to record only when motion is detected.We bring efficient, reliable, scalable, and integrated solutions to our customers.

SITC: Supply, Install, Test and Commission

Supply of required materials as per specified technical specification and samples provided. Also dismantling of damaged components without damagingexistinginfrastructure and installing , testing, commission of new infrastructure components as per standard procedures and guidelines.

Our Products

Centralized Control & Monitoring System (CCMS)

Centralized Control and Monitoring System (CCMS) is a control panel with comprehensive protection, control and monitoring station for a group of lights. It includes a Class1.0 metering unit and communicates to the web server with GSM/GPRS connection. CCMShas GSM/GPRS/2G/3G/4G technology installed in a feeder or switching point for remote monitoring and controlling group of lights. CCMS is an Automatic light controller throughout the year on basis of precise sunrise and sunset time depending on the geographical location.CCMS has built in astronomical feature with high precision real time clock. It performs reporting of energy metering and failure information to central control station at scheduled time intervals. It has Self-protection from short-circuit, over voltage, overload, surge protection and antitheft alert. It achieves instant fault reporting via SMS along with fault information and details of location. It has IP 65 protected enclosure.CCMS solutions are available for both 1 phaseand 3 phase.Our CCMS istested and certified by Electronics Test and Development Center and NABL certified test lab

  • Over / under voltage protection
  • Over load protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Surge protection up to 40 KA
  • Astronomical / Configurable ON/OFF timings
  • Event notification for faults
  • IP65 Enclosure
  • Type tested from NABL accredited Lab

Individual Light Control & Monitoring System (ILMS)

Individual Light Control & Monitoring System is the wireless individual streetlight controller. Our Individual Lamp Controller monitors and controls every individual streetlight. It features an easy plug and play installation using standard 3-pin / 5-pin / 7-pin ANSI C136.41 NEMA type interface.ILMS has GSM /GPRS/2G/4G or Ethernet or Wi-Fi for remote monitoring & controlling operations of streetlight assets from the off-site location.

  • Over load protection
  • Wider input voltage range 150V to 290V
  • Analog dimming control with 0-10V output
  • Surge protection up to 40 KA
  • In-built metering for electrical parameters such as Voltage, Current, Power, Power Factor
  • Event notification for faults
  • ON/OFF/Dimming/Lamp
  • Fault event notifications with burning hours information
  • Easy plug and play installation using standard pins
  • IP66 casing

Remote Monitoring & Control Software (RMCS)

RMCS is a browser based streetlight monitoring and controlling application with a complete set of features and services to monitor, control and configure the CCMS and ILMS along with asset and material management facility. It is a self-contained, user friendly software suite for a streetlight control center. This central management software allows dimming schedules, automatic identification and report of lamp failures, real time control, automatic measurement of energy consumption, and much more. This is done in the open source environment to easy integration of any asset management systems.

  • Highly customizable with data visualization
  • Graphical representation of the live working status of all the lights
  • Map view of the total panels installed
  • Number of CCMS / Lights ON/OFF/Faulty
  • Device level views for monitoring and control
  • Fault classification and segregation
  • Compatible with major browsers
  • Multiple user level authorizations (control/monitor/install )
  • Daily Reports
  • Device management Functionalities

Solar LED Street Lighting System (SLSL)

LED Luminaries deliver lumen efficacy of more than 105 lm/W. The luminaires have a life of greater than 50,000 hours and have IP 66 rating which gives protection even in harsh outdoor environment.LED street lightingsystems can provide about 25% more charging efficiency by utilizing maximum energy harvested by solar PV modules.

Highly efficient poly crystalline solar modules are used which are tested for longer durability & manufactured with innovative technologies. These modules are designed to withstand highly corrosive atmosphere and heavy wind loads. The modules are certified for industry standards IEC61215, IEC61730 (safety class 1 & 11)

  • Lumen efficacy of more than 105 lm/W
  • life of greater than 50,000 hours
  • IP 66 rating
  • 25% More Charging Efficiency
  • Industry Standard Certified Modules

Wireless Security Camera System (CCTV)

Our CCTV products brings intelligent security and surveillance solutions that protect people, properties and assets. They ensure safety, security and productivity in various industrial processes and help make the world safer. Our integrated security systems have been used in various situations and they deliver comprehensive coverage.Our range of advanced security and surveillance solutions meet the ever-changing requirements of different industries.

  • No Cable or Wire (Complete Wireless)
  • Runs on Wifi/Mobile network as backbone
  • Data Stored in Cloud (Completely Secure)
  • Can be viewed in mobile or remote view
  • Clean installation
  • Night Vision
  • System is flexible, mobile, Easy to scale up and add more cameras
  • Intruders cannot cut wire because there is none

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